Are you searching for one of the best WordPress social media plugins to your WordPress website? There are such a lot of social media plugins for WordPress available for free download in the market. We will tell you some of the Best WordPress plugins for social media you can install free on your website.

Social Media Publicity is an important part to papular your website these days. Social media is a huge source of website traffic. There are lots of amazing social sharing WordPress plugins to promote the website. The plugin also integrated Social media functionality into your site for sharing post into social media.

It’s very Important for beginners blogger to integrate social sharing buttons on their post. to social bookmarking and sharing button.  The Social sharing button ability to quickly share your post on the social sharing website.

This Collection of Best Social media Plugins for WordPress chosen the best option from the available plugins.

10 Free WordPress social media plugins 2023

1: Social Warfare

Social Warfare WordPress Social Plugin

Social Warfare is best free social sharing plugin for WordPress and up to 40K active installed.  Social Warfare supports the favorite Social media networking site Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, Linkedin, StumbleUpon. Social Warfare Plugin is Responsive Share button looks attractive on Post. Social Also support Shortcodes and floating share buttons give you a massive boost in social share.

2: Social Media Share Buttons 

Social Media Share Buttons Plugins Top Ranked Plugins and keep growing plugin currently has 100K active install. Social Media Share Button Plugins add more than 200 Social media Platforms like RSS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and much more or you can upload custom share icons.

Plugin Support PopUp to you all pages to increasing chance to make followers.

3: Social Media Widget

Social Media Widget Social Plugin

Social Media Widget Is a simple sidebar widget allow the user to input Social Media Profile URLs and subscription option show into sidebar pop up a link to other browser windows. Social Widget allows

Social Widget allows the user to share most of the popular site such as Social media Platforms like RSS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram etc. The plugin has active more than 100K+ active install and keeps growing.

4: Social Media Feather

Social Media Feater social media share buttons

WordPress Social Media Feather is Simple Social Media WordPress Plugin allows quickly and painlessly social sharing and following features to your post, pages into the custom post types.

Social Media Feather supports Social Sharing buttons to the papular sharing profiles. the plugins auto adding post and pages into custom post type. one of the best feature of this plugin support retina and high-resolution display as used Ipad and Other Mobile Devices. The Plugin is currently 100k+ active Installed.

5: AddToAny Share Buttons

AddtoAny Share Buttons Social Plugin

Add to sharing Plugin for WordPress increase traffic and engagement by helping people to share your post and pages service of sharing given by most of the social Media website include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, and over 100 more social networks.

AddtoAny is universal Social media sharing platform and popular share plugins for WordPress. plugins have currently 400k+ Active install and keep growing on day by day.

6: Social Media Share Buttons

Mashshare Social Media Share Buttons

A free Social Media Plugin for WordPress that highly customizable, the ecosystem for Social Sharing and fully optimize your content. All others free WordPress social media plugins buttons are using external scripts which increases the loading speed of your Website. Mashshare Social media share buttons plugins use an internal script that means the server load becomes lower than others.

Mahshare Plugin has currently 80k plus installed and rank of this plugin is 4.8 out of 5 a good rank plugin.

7: Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post Auto Post to Social Media

Revive Old Post Plugin great plugin for driving traffic to them form Social Media Networks site. It helps you to keep your old post and pages alive by automatically sharing and help to promote your content. You can set interval and number of post to share with Huge traffic.

Plugin uses Hashtags to focus on keywords Include links back and exclude categories also plugin integrated with google analytics. The plugin is currently 80k plus active installed and rank of 4.6 out 5.

8: Social Share Icons

Social Share Icon WordPress Share Plugins

Social Share Icon Is an easy to use social share icon to your website and support a huge range of social share platforms. You can place share button after and before of the post. animation share button also available when mouse over effects makes visitor aware the button. Add counts and button also is the part of the plugin.

The plugin is the wide range of social sharing button a number of list of social network plugin currently has 60k+ install and rating of 4.6 in WordPress tabs.

9: Social Media Flying Icons

Social Media Flying Icon Plugins for Social share

Social Media Flying Icon Social Sharing Plugin icon to appear automatically or use as social media widgets by using a shortcode or a PHP code whatever you wish. THe icon appears top, bottom and floating icon is also available in this plugin. The plugin is currently 50K active installed and rank of 4.6 out of 5.

WordPress Social Share

WordPress Social Share Button Plugins

WordPress Social Share Plugin Integrate Social Login and Social Comments at your website easiest and possible way. Social Media Share around 100 social network site supported by WordPress Social Share Plugins. The plugin provides the free Icon customization so you can customize your icon. Specify the Position of your sharing button where you want over all its good and best free WordPress social sharing plugin has active 40K installed and rank of 4.8 out of 5.

Conclusion – social media plugins 2023:

In My Blog i am using the Social Warfare Social Media plugins for Sharing on Social Network otherwise there are lots of others plugins is working on the internet that rankly is higher.

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